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SkyDrive Connector for SharePoint

Project source : http://skydriveconnector.codeplex.com/#

Project Description
SkyDrive Connector for SharePoint is a sandbox web part that can help manage documents stored on SkyDrive on SharePoint by adding additional metadata. This helps the document to be discoverable on SharePoint. Also SkyDrive provides 25GB of free space for live users.

In other words, the document or file is physically stored on SkyDrive, referenced in SharePoint.

This web part works on Office 365 SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Prem.

Please note that the SharePoint site must be on https protocol.

The web part provides the following functionality

  • Single SignOn from SharePoint


Please note. Single sign works if you have signed into SharePoint online using Live id credentials. Other you are prompted for Live ID Credentials.

  • Create Folder and Files
  • Import Single File/Folder
  • Import Folder contents( does not implement deep copy)
  • Sorting


  • Single Integrated view


  • Onetime web part configuration (Update)

This has two parts.

Part 1. Live Configuration

Go to http://manage.dev.live.com/ and create an application for your domain.


Provide a Name and click Accept



Copy the Client ID. This is required for web part configuration later.

Go to the Application Settings page. Click on API Settings.


Provide a Redirect Domain. For e.g. if your SharePoint site is hosted on https://xyz.sharepoint.com/sites/somesitecollection.

Provide the domain as https://xyz.shareopoint.com and click save.

This completes Live configuration.

Part 2. SharePoint Configuration

Download the latest version of SkyDriveConnectorForSharePoint.wsp and upload to SharePoint Solution Gallery. Activate the solution.


Go to Manage Site Features and Activate SkyDrive Connector for SharePoint



Add the SkyDrive Connector Web part to a web part page and provide the below configuration

In the Edit Web Part Properties, find the SkyDrive Connector Properties and provide the Client ID obtained in Part 1.

Provide a Height of 700px and Width to occupy the full page width. Click Ok to save the web part properties.


This Completes the web part configuration and you should see the SkyDrive on SharePoint


Planned features

Drag – Drop Files and Folder