Emad Adel Hanna

Microsoft Technical Consultant SharePointAzureOffice365

Creating a User in Active Directory and adding to SharePoint 2010


In this small article we can explore user creation in Active Directory and adding a user to a SharePoint site. in 3 Steps


Step 1: Open Server Manager

Open the Server Manager application from the desktop or through the Start menu.

Start Menu > Programs > Administrative Tools > Server Manager.

In the appearing application choose the following node: Server Manager > Roles > ADDS > (domain) > Users.


Step 2: Create New User inside ADDS.

You can right click on the Users item and choose the New > User menu item.


In the appearing dialog, enter the following details:


Click on the Next button and you will get the following Password dialog.


Enter the password and uncheck the Change Password option. Click the Next button to continue.


Now click the Finish button and the user will get created.



Step 3: Add the User to the SharePoint site.

Now sign in to the SharePoint site with administrative privileges. Choose the Site Actions > Site Permissions option to get the following screen:


I am adding the new user into the Members group. Click on the Members item and in the arriving page, use the New > Add Users menu.


In the appearing dialog box, enter the user name, resolve it, and click the OK button.


Now the user is added to the list and you are ready to test the New User.