Emad Adel Hanna

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BaaS vs. FaaS: Explaining the Two Serverless Architectures

In Serverless Architecture there are two main types of services: –

  1. Function as a Service (FaaS).
  2. Backend as a Service (BaaS).

What is Function as a Service?

Function as a Service is a type of service in which all features of application are deploy into individual single feature and then each feature is individually hosted by the provider.By using function as a service you can build your application into single independent features.

To host the application on the internet,it needs some kind of virtual server infrastructure.Also it involves managing of operating system,web servers,etc.In function as a Service,all these things are managed by provider and not by consumer.

There are different providers like Amazon Web Service,Microsoft Azure,Google Cloud Platform,IBM who manage virtual server and software processes.

What is Backend as a Service (BaaS)

BaaS is a previously famous cloud-based computing model, that automates and manages the backend side of a web or mobile application development.

Now, mainly known as its latest approach – Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS), it helps developers with data and files storage, messaging and push notifications, a social networking integration, and their configuration and supervision.

MBaaS is an exercise of employing service providers to work on the backend services for all the technical infrastructure essential for a stable application development via custom SDKs and APIs.